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Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

Robert Ketcher founder of SuperStar Pet Services had noticed when he had to leave home for business or a short vacation that it was a problem to find suitable and dependable care for his 4 dogs while he was away. He didn't feel right about kenneling them because for a dog it's a cage in a strange place and with people they don't know adding to the separation anxiety of both Robert and his beloved dogs. He thought of finding a pet sitter but was met with another dilemma finding a professional, trustworthy, dependable and affordable service to care for his dogs and add the special touches like turning lights on and off bringing in the newspapers making the house look occupied and fixing the things that thieves look for in a potential crime.

SpankyHe started a quest to build a better mousetrap and developed systems that give a fresh new approach to Pet Care, Pet Sitting and Dog Walking. He was caring for a friends Dog. Robert took him to the Dog Park and made a video and uploaded it to You Tube. His friend was comforted immensely to see her pup was happy, healthy and having a great time. Her response was, "My little Sparky, he is such a SuperStar" and it was at that moment he realized everyone thinks their dog or cat is a not only a member of their family but a SuperStar and SuperStar Pets Services Las Vegas was born.

With "all inclusive packages" that meet the needs of all your pets, the use of lock boxes to keep your key on your property and using state of the art technology to keep you informed of every visit almost in real time. No silly fees, SuperStar Pet Services truly an innovative leader in the Pet Services industry.

Check out SuperStar Pet Videos here!

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